KINNON Hostel : A Home Away From Home

“We see our guests as our friends and work hard to ensure that our friends have the best relaxing experience. We want everyone at Kinnon to enjoy their hostel stay and have a quiet space for themselves in the heart of Bangkok. It is a place to take a break and escape from Bangkok’s hustle and bustle.

In Thai, the hostel name means to eat and to sleep (‘Kin’ means to eat and ‘Non’ means to sleep). Its philosophy is to make the guests happy by fostering an environment of eating and sleeping well.

kinnon best hostel bangkok

In addition, the name also means the benevolent half-human, half-bird creature known as the Kinnara and Kinnari. It is a mythical creature in Thai folklore (Prasuton Manora). The story behind this folklore is about love and commitment between Prasuton and Manora.

Commitment to the highest standard is the promise that we at Kinnon will hold dearly to. We strive for your best experiences and look forwards to welcoming you to Kinnon Hostel“.

kinnon best top good recommended hostel silom bangkok

Well, that sounds so perfect for a hostel, right ?

I have stayed in more than 40 hostels in Bangkok ,  and after 3 weeks stayed at KINNON I can vouch this hostel truly commit to the highest standard and I had best experiences there.

Before I choose to pick a hostel I always find hostel with high rating and location that need to be close to BTS or MRT ( under 5 minutes walk. I  know, I am a lazy person )

So for my visit I choose KINNON based from many consideration : good review, free breakfast, location and nice decoration.

kinnon best top good recommended hostel silom bangkok

At first I kinda underestimate with the location that  really near   the infamous  red light district and “not really close with the BTS Station” .

But after few days stayed there I have to say that KINNON is one hell of a superb hostel.

When I check in  they provide you towel and slippers to make the place always clean.

And they have elevator which is very awesome for lazy people like me !

After  I checked in I already feel impressed with the facilities in the room.

Big, clean , bright, high ceiling with window.  

hostel KINNON bangkok for digital nomad

The bed is  bigger than usual hostels and so comfy with duvet and 2 pillows.

Curtain for privacy, 2 electric sockets and 2 lights.

kinnon best top good recommended hostel silom bangkok

Have 2 side storages to put your stuffs and a small drawer under.

They also also provide 4 hooks at the wall for hanging your clothes and 1 outside the bed for the towel, plus a folding table for your laptop ! Amazing !

Lockers are also big that you can put your whole luggage inside.

kinnon best hostel bangkok

You don’t need to bring padlock because they will be give you keys for the locker or with number combination.

When I checked the the tv room I like the big bean bags and have Netflix to chill. Another good point !

kinnon best hostel bangkok

In the female bathrooms they provide hot & cold waterfall shower, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, cotton buds, hair blower and big rack to put your toiletries !  

Kinnon best cheap good Hostel Silom bangkok

Another facilities that I like is they have rooftop terrace with a  hammock and platform to sit or do yoga ( my room mate tell me that )

In the morning they provide a very decent breakfast  with fresh coffee,  pineapple & orange juice, fresh milk, soy milk (Very thoughtful for lactose intolerant )  fresh salad, bread toast, jam, and  watermelon.

kinnon best top good recommended hostel silom bangkok

And we can choose a meal from 4 menu choices : fried rice, pancake & eggs, boiled eggs & sunny side up , or traditional thai noodle ( my fave !)

Also have free snacks at the kitchen 24hrs include hot & cold water , chinese tea, chocolate, coffee or lemon tea.

kinnon best top good recommended hostel silom bangkok

After few days, I met many new friends here and breakfast time is such a great way to meet new people, and seeing the same faces made it feel like we were having breakfast with family.

hostel digital nomad bangkok free breakfast

By the way , if you can’t eat breakfast before 8 a.m ,  they will prepare a sandwich for you just let them know a day before. What a thoughtfull service !

My other favourite place from KINNON is the co-woking space where you can work with your computer or just reading a book.

I also met many fellow digital nomads here . They even have a small private room where a guest teaching Japanese lesson online without disturbing other guests !

kinnon digital nomad best top good recommended hostel silom bangkok

And there’s Kin Na Dee , a small café inside KINNON with tasty Thailand menu if you are too lazy to eat out.

kin na dee silom bangkok

The next day I explore area around KINNON and found out a 7 Eleven, Family Mart and a market with many cheap Thai food vendors and also many cheap clothes ( a vintage dress or jacket starts from 20 baht), accessories and other stuffs. It’s just 2 minutes walk from the hostel ! Perfect for me !

Other guests like to go jogging or to the gym at Lumphini Park that only 10 minutes walk from the hostel. Me doing some sports ? Ah I better sit outside KINNON and waiting some food carts to come and can buy sliced fruits, ice cream or boiled corn.

Oh yeah I just found out that they also have many board games, especially 2 of them are my favourites ! So I arranged to have board games nights with other guests, love it !

After few days staying there I chatted with many people and some of them already stay long term for 3-8 months, some planned just to stay 1-2 days then extended for 1-2 more days  and in the end they decided to stay for the whole month !

Happened to me also that  I was planning just to stay for 2 weeks, but then I also extend for 1 more week !

The reason of that is not just KINNON have all the cool facilities, but the most crucial is all  the staffs from the owner , manager, receptionists, cleaning ladies to the kitchen staffs.

All of them are very sweet, work with their hearts and always greeted all the guests with big smile on their faces. The true Thai hospitality !

The ambience of the hostel give good vibe, guests are friendly , with other long term guests I  had a bond and we went to hang out together to the night market, karaoke bar, going to swing dance event or just had lunch or dinner nearby.

kinnon best top good recommended hostel silom bangkok

One of the best memories at KINNON !

But to bad all good things have to end.

The day I left KINNON I feel like leaving a family.

It’s my new home away from home.

Kinnon : Hostel-Coworking-Eatery : a comfy urban base is highly recommendable and appreciated, It’s beyond my expectations.

I will be back.